Word salad or secret language within words

Has anyone experienced word salad or had a decoded language within words themselves?

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I’ve experienced word salad. It happened while I was really stressed

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What was word salad like for you?

i dont think ive experienced word salad per se, but when it ends up being pretty fragmented because my focus is so narrow. Its difficult for me to write for that reason.

I’ve experienced word salad once when I was paranoid and under super high stress.

I went through a period of time where I thought I could speak languages from other planets. Most of the time I did this alone. It was just jumbled jibberish and even I only had a vague idea what I was saying. Talk about work salad! I haven’t spoken in ‘other languages’ ( I only speak English) is several months. I guess I am getting better.

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tooo much all days
all times
i talk with words
i only know what it is
i dont like anyone to know what it mean
it will look redicioulous if someone know what it mean
i repeat myself again and again
what a problem if someone know what i am talking to myself about
but this is how my brain become
i like myself despite everything
i dont like anyone except me

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I find using plain speech is a good way to get out what you want. Sometimes if I don’t know what word to use, I’ll use another word just for the hell of it. Or confuse the computer by talking slightly nonsensical. I haven’t had word salad since I first got ill.

sounds like a weird way of tellin someone to eat their words, word salad yum yum get some ceasar souce and a little vinegar on there
:green_salad: :green_salad: :green_salad:

I do this experience word salad, but I do have periods where I “lose” words and can’t think of the names for things. It freaked out a social worker when it happened I fro t of her. We thought I was having g a stroke

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