Word arrangements

In my subconscious I hear a cry
Let me go, let me go
But lt is subdued
Pinned down

My medicated ego laughs
As I take another pill

Maybe one day I will be real
I tell myself

I hear a sigh

A destiny a possible world twinkles
Such a miserable state im in - says the world.
For who for whom do we cry.
Hows the best at bedrest?
What about storytelling or picking berries.
If only is like a mantra to help reconcile the past.
Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction.
And a pictures worth is targetted.

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Time goes by without a trace
Of the pain and anguish we feel when we cry
No man knows when the time is to be
When the clock will stop ticking
No one will see
I love everyone
but no one loves me