Wookin pa nub

As buckwheat says. Who nubs me?

Alfalfa was shot to death in 1959 while arguing over a stolen dog with another man.

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yea . i heard it was a card game i think. There was a curse on all of them hexed by Jackie cooper it seems. Lol. Jk

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My friend knew Spanky as an adult. She said his life was a mess - he could never live up to having been a success as a child actor.

That’s common with child actors. But you probably already know that.

Yeah. But there weren’t as many around back then. Except for all of the Little Rascals. They were guinnea pigs.

What’s the difference between Our Gang and The Little Rascals? I never heard of Our Gang as a kid. And I know people who never heard of the Little Rascals?

our gang was just another name i think

I’m not sure. But I think some of the same kids were in each one.

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