Woohoo 450 euros: what to do with it?

I still have 450 euros to spend from my job. I can spend it on things that improve my career. F.e. a course or book or conference. But today i heard i can probably also spend it on something like a year entrance to a fitness club or so…things that improve my wellbeing. I need to spend it before 31 dec and make a good argumentation on why it improves my work functioning.

What would you spend it on?


I would use it to do some course or certification. Or I would use it for some sort of workout class like yoga, but wouldn’t really be sure how to prove that helps my work functioning,

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Thanks. I saw a sports school with also boxing classes etc…and thought…it improves my fitness and energy levels, but also confidence and assertiveness, which are both weaknesses.

Yoga would be great…maybe yoga improves stress resilience? :slight_smile:

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Do you think you’d actually go to a fitness club regularly. There’s plenty of research that shows exercise is great for schizophrenia.


That sounds great. Im not sure. Maybe a small one, with group lessons would work. Im not too disciplined. Hmm.

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Fitness is a great investment for your mental health as well.

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Group therapy.

Any service that provides relief from physical pain.


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Can you do a combination of things?
Maybe just sign up for a gym for 6 months, and then with the remaining money buy a book or take one class.

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Yes that would be great! A half year fitness would be…240 euros…then some books. That would be nice. :slight_smile: Or fitness and some social skills or assertiveness course. My boss says a sports class would be okay for him. Jeej.

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Can you use it to make a “business trip” and get a free holiday?

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Oh that would be great! I dont think they would accept that though. Maybe if there is a nice meeting in paris or so…but id neet more money. Hm. I will look into that.

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