Woodstock 2019

Would be a blast to go… would you?


Well, if they moved the festival to San Jose, Ca I would go.

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Not really a fan of festivals in my old age. Short sets and large crowds just don’t cut it for me anymore.

Would rather pay the money to see a club show. Small venue longer sets. Not that I get out much anymore.

If I was 20 years younger…yeah for sure. Festivals were great and seen some good ones in my time. Just not now!

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Sounds awesome it’s not so far either from me.

Used to have the gathering of the vibes nearby was kinda like Woodstock.

I went every year almost, was fun.

But haven’t had that in a few years.

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Like @rogueone, I would maybe, have gone to the original Woodstock when a lot younger but not now.

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I think that is one concert I would go to just to say I was there, I hate crowds but what the hell

I probably wouldn’t go. I don’t handle crowded places very well.

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