Won't be seeing the support worker

Got told today i’ve been discharged from rehab and recovery. To be fair the two who told me were concerned/upset as they know there is nothing to take their place as in regular drop ins/befriending etc to continue reducing social isolation. They said would i go out much and i said i am not one of those who can just go out to aimlessly wander the high street/window shop. That it’s different when you have someone with you. Basically back to square one. Those of us with chronic problems need ongoing support but basically it’s a law of diminishing returns going from one time limited thing to another, until you soon run out of options.

I’m sorry for your loss. There have been attempts to limit my use of services as well!


I’m so sorry this happened to you.

I’ve been through the same thing when I was a consumer at the county mental health service.

They abruptly cut my therapy services since it had been several years since my last hospitalization. They deemed me “too well” for services that were already scarce within their organization.

It was a major setback for me. But I was determined to get the services I needed and went to a private therapist and psychiatrist. It was a financial strain, but well worth it for my mental health.

Here in the US, we have several private companies who provide companionship and drop in services. Perhaps there’s something similar in your area that you could try.

I hope you find the support you need.




I am so sorry you lost this support. This is very sad and I wish people could continue to come see you.

I don’t know if this would help at all… I was just trying to find something that was free in the UK. Befrienders who make home visits and wellness checks… I don’t know if you have heard of them.

I hope another service becomes available soon.

I do not understand why your services abruptly came to an end. Typical mental health system.

It came to an end because like most help in the UK it was time limited. Ongoing support for those of us with chronic enduring problems is virtually non existent.

I am very sorry. The same things happen with my son.
maybe you can ask someone there if you could continue to call them once in awhile? A really good case worker had to leave my son due to budget cuts. At some point ( recently ) she called C. and gave him her phone# if he ever needed to talk. You never know the good things that can happen if you ask…