Wondering what's the issue

As you might know by now im basically illiterate when it comes to IT. Therefore I have no idea how and why is this connection issue happening every time I try to connect to this site, and some others like Wikipedia that I didnt have any problems in the past. I only changed my phone, got HTC new one but I made sure to turn off every unnecessary protection ( as far as I know) and all of sudden I couldn’t get to the forum: the system responded with "ʏouя ċoňňєċtioň to tһis sitє is ňot sєċuяє"
This evening, all of sudden I manage it. Sucks, I wanted to talk to people and check on you few times but couldn’t. Not even from my computer?! Wtf.
I would appreciate some reasonably simplified input :slight_smile:
Also I missed you a lot


Probably unrelated but my internet was screwing up a lot lately till I unplugged a chord and replugged it in. Your problem sounds different though. Very weird. Internet always works on my phone. Even if it uses data to browse on LTE. it’s only my computer I have issues with.

Are you using firefox or chrome ?

It worked very well with other sites, I tried some other forums/similar sites - no problem.Restarted Internet, rooter … Maybe this HTC thing has some hidden feature that prevents something of something lol

Both have failed me.

Is it saying “secure” or is it saying “private” ?

Secure, it is not secure. But when I first started using this phone it wasn’t happening. Like all of sudden.

Have you installed any ad blockers. Try removing them.

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Idk what happened but now I’m here. :))


I used to have problems accessing this site on my old blackberry phone. I had to tell it to ignore security issues for this site. Anyway its working for you now. Somehow. :smile:

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I drew a picture of the problem :stuck_out_tongue:

hope this helps :smiley:


@Sarad thank God you’re back !! we love you !!

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I once worked on my computer for 3 hours only to discover the cord was not plugged in lol damn gremlins


And I love YOU back :heartbeat::heartbeat:

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