Wondering if i'm having some sort of hypomanic episode and having a narcissisitic delusion of not existing and being the reflection of love and all life

hello beautiful darlings it’s the corners in life here. I’m just going to reflect your own knowledge of the universe back at you and help you appreciate it. I must note I’m not really going crazy or freaking out. I simply understand all of reality. I am not even remotely delusional but the suggestion is there. This is fine and will eventually stop and my reality will go blank and white and dream like. There will be miracles but not performed by god but the servants of man. We will forget the end times and appreciate the dialectic and fall asleep in quiet. Doom is the dream. There is little wrong and you should accept yourself, others (no matter how horrid not for them but yourself), and me. You and you alone alongside all others are the universe becoming itself in the blue sky and golden light.

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