Wondering if I should split with partner

Don’t need added stress and relationships , not just with him but with his entire family it just too stressful. And when I got Ill they were in my delusions so I kinda want to stay away from his family. But he doesn’t seem to get this.

you best know if the love is strong enough to stay with your partner. I get the feeling though, i would have a hard time dealing with partner as well as his family.


I was very much wanting to marry him as things were all going so well and I was doing well mentally until this happened and his family were in my delusions. I can’t cope with the pressure to deal with his family every time I visit him.

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ah, he lives with his family? That would be really hard for me too… like overload on people something.

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No he doesn’t live with them but near them and he’s very close. Spends lots of time with them everyday. I can’t split them up as I know they’re important to him. I just don’t want to involve them.

yea splitting them up doesn’t sound like the right way… if it gives you too much stress maybe you need to ask him for him to come look up you?

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I live with my family but planning to move away from here in a few years and he can come stay with me but I don’t want to see his family. I have no problem if he wants to see them.

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but it’s ok to see him with your family near? You are in love with him not necessarily his family too huh… try to avoid too much contact with his family if that distresses you.

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I’m planning to move so it’s not too close to my family and not to far from his so he can visit them easily.

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You can totally communicate that to him. It’s a bit culturally backwards by Indian standards (daughter usually leaves house, son usually lives with parents,) but it could work.

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Except he don’t identify as Indian only part and he doesn’t live with his family. Mine are very Indian though.

It’s your call.

If the downsides overshadow the upsides, then you do what you have to for net stability.

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He got too emotional and i wonder if its worth it to give him more of that… i really need to think it through… i don’t want to drag everyone down with me.

Don’t make any sudden decisions.
You were just hospitalized.
Allow some time for yourself to heal and get well.
You are not 100% better yet.

He seems to really care about you.

It would be a shame to throw it all away right now.


I agree with @Wave. Don’t make any major decisions for a while. Heal for a while first.


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