Wonder of the body and the environment

What am I- The body. Who am I- The mirror of innerself
I think I don’t need to care about what am I(organs and body part) but I should care about who am I. The body will tell me when I am thirsty to drink, to eat when I am hungry, and so on. I have a mirror inside myself, so that I know if I have behaved improperly, or talked too harshly. When I was a baby, I already knew how to breathe, and cry, and crawl. I learned to walk, and stand, and sit, but I don’t need to coordinate the leg and hand separately, as these are automatic, I didn’t have to care about every detail how my body works.

The environoment
We have fire for heat. We have water to clean, to drink. We have electromagnetic wave for transmission. We have iron, and we have wood for furniture. These elements exist by automatic. I just need to learn how to use them.

These are wonderful. Don’t you think so?