Wonder-hook-up, not so much

Just as an FYI, guys who are out for casual, no-strings-attached sex generally don’t care much about the feelings of women, including the ones they happen to be married to. A lot of them won’t even view you as a person.


Yes I kind of feel sorry for his girlfriend.

Yes it has been very difficult for me. I didnt think I wanted something deeper because of my last relationship, but clearly I want something other than one night stands
I think I will be alone for a while without sex, and then when I am ready , I will go out with men but he not sleeping with them in the beginning

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This is not true, but hey. You are welcome to be as biased as you please. :smiling_face:

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Mostly true in my experience. Somewhat depressing.

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You don’t care that much about the feelings of someone you just met. That’s true. But it happens to both sexes.

I don’t know about “not view that much as a person”. That sounds just wrong and not true.

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I used to DJ in clubs and observe the goings on. Like I said: depressing.


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