Women want you to read their minds

They expect it, they like it, and they reward you when you do, sometimes


Lol :joy:!!!


That’s all people. Immaturity knows no gender lines.


You and your wife need to go to therapy and learn to communicate better. That’s a you guys thing, not a women thing.


Why guys thing I don’t say that

No I mean a thing specific to those two people, moonwalker and his wife, not a thing specific to men.


I agree with ninjastar here. You need to work on your communication skills with each other.

My dad expects me to read his mind and he yells at me when I don’t. Only when we’re working on the farm though.

My dad’s not a mean guy at heart. He’s just impatient

I meant it as a good universal truth. Not to be biased but I think think the statement is true for everyone … including women

It’s true for people who need to work on their communication skills. Please be careful not to make sweeping generalizations about entire demographics of people.

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If I was worried about my marital health I would be seeing a marital therapist right now because my wife is big on those :stuck_out_tongue:

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why don’t you want to go then?

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I don’t mean to make generalities about anyone cause we all have our own story to tell

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What if we’re in the middle and all the stories are the same? Normal

We have the best stories to tell

I am wondering whether the OPs comments re his wife and her earlier use of his account are a case of overstepping boundaries .

My wife did not use my phone without authorization, never before either, I watched every word she wrote. I wanted d it to be a fair discussion.

That’s still overstepping boundaries. Members expect other members to be on their own accounts. There is a reason there is a family member forum. It’s also chi
Dish to bring relation ship arguments on a forum to stress out other members.

I’ll agree it went to far. Won’t do it again

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My wife of almost 20 years can read my mind…

Me: “Hey Honey! Where’s that…thing?”

Wife: “Top shelf in the bedroom closet.”

Me: “Oh yeah. Found it. Thanks.”