Women want to rule the world

Gender doesn’t play much of a role in who I support in politics. I’m more interested in their policies towards things I care about.

Margeret thatcher was one of the cruelest prime ministers the uk has ever had.

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This thread makes me want to lunch through my eye to get out of my head:fearful:

I like the idea of a triumvirate, a man + a woman + something inbetween

A smart woman let’s the man think they are in control, :wink:
and a smart man lets them.

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Women had the right to rule before the rise of a very sexiest r word…and its been an uphill battle for females ever since…thinking one gender is less war prone is a joke…bringing PMS into the convo is equally a joke…

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Can’t we all just get along and respect the differences?
Respect doesn’t mean you have to agree with it, it just means you can co-exist with those that are different.

vaseline? :stuck_out_tongue: lol

It’s meaningless to say that women want to rule the world, for the zeitgeist makes it impossible to define “women.” Facebook lists 50 genders in the U.S. and 71 in the UK.

And people say I’m crazy?


Preach. :slight_smile:

According to south park women can be everything except president. Couldn’t find the clip though.

probably buried that episode lol