Women want to rule the world

guys have been doing it for ages, time to let the women run things now for a while, we need a mother, a mother earth to take control of the whole planet and treat everything with love and respect and undestanding,

women rule lol


I don’t get the fascination with wanting to rule the world. Tears for fears was WRONG. You have to have a damaged/hurt ego to want to rule over anyone. It’s just psychology. Not trying to be sexist. It goes both ways.


Is it an advertisement for that woman?

just all women leaders around the world, women in general should take control

You can’t elect a leader just from the sex. A leader need wise and brave.


Well that’s worded differently than “ruling the world”. Nevertheless , I disagree. Best man or woman for the job :smile:

yeah but guys been in control for ages, wars and â– â– â– â–  for ages, who needs that? lol

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to be frank, I really don’t care which gender group rules the world; as long as they allow me to live in it.


How you sure the women can really be leader? How many political decisions are really from political leaders? Have you done some research on it?

a woman is more caring and nurturing so less conflict, if you were to pick a man or a woman giving their track records as genders which would you choose to rule the world?

  • male
  • female

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it seems like you have been reading my writings…

disclaimer: I have schizophrenia…


I will let a wild tiger to rule the world. Perfect nature.

i’m just saying that women are more than just for making babies

Hmmm. There might be risk of a nuclear conflict during PMS…


I don’t women think would run the world any better than men do. But it depends on the individual. All that crap about how if women ruled the world that there would be no more wars is a bunch of baloney Just a side note, in my communication class we learned that men like to talk and communicate just as much as women do.

But how do women gain equality? Aggressiveness, being cutthroat, and toughness. .


I think the one with the most ability should rule. So that could be either male or female. Also just because the person in charge could be a woman doesn’t really mean things will change. A vagina doesn’t give you super powers.

funny, because some men are lectured for not being caring or nurturing enough to their kids, or being too hard on others. I wouldn’t mind if I was a woman. I wouldn’t mind if I was a man. but I’m neither.

I identify as an Attack Helicopter.

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No comment. I have so many jokes spinning around in my head after reading that my brain is on overload and I have stream coming out of my ears.


Hmmm American I presume. Sorry my ruler is a women.

Love her but she just as screwed up as man.

looks like the womens plans for world domination have been scuppered with the vote lol

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