Women make me mad

Women call me a husband stealer and boyfriend stealer. That pisses me the ■■■■ off.

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Women can be so catty

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So many say sexless marriage

What is wrong with these women

Meh the ones that build you up can burn you down the same…so I take neither compliments nor complaints from 99.99% of the world…

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@KevinWatson I thought you were a dude, this whole time! :0

Yeah strange name

I’m just multi sex daze

Are you a woman or are you a gay man that is attracting away women’s husbands? Also if they call you such things is it true? If it isn’t you could try to convince them that you aren’t. If it is true I don’t see why you care that much. Personally I don’t know if I want a partner that cheated on their partner to get to me. Wouldn’t they continue to prove unfaithful in the future?


I’m old enough, now, to respect the rage of a wife who is trying to hang on to her husband. When I was young, I didn’t care.

Do you have any idea why women call you that? Maybe there’s some misunderstanding that could be cleared up.

i get called catty names not so much any more but i use to often. my mother in law is the worse. she makes fun of my partner’s sex drive which bothers me since its none of her business.

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I would hate that too!

I like being called Catty. I am catty naturally

own it

Women make me mad too. They all seem to prefer men over women when it comes to conversation. Men don’t have this preference for women in conversation. They seem to prefer to talk to other men. At least that is the way it seems to be here at the assisted living facility where I live. Women are always on the prowl. Seems to be that way up in this age category.

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yeah depends.

I like to talk to people - I guess men more too - they are more easy going without making remarks that you don’t like.
I have a couple good friends who are female and I enjoy talking to them but most of my girl friends do not even like each other. They get jealous of each other.