Women hair

There is nothing wrong with having hair issues. But I am a woman (female) and I like to be identified as such.

I also like my real name. And it’d my real name offends anyone then that’s not my problem. Just cause some people were given a name at birth they no longer have because they don’t identify with the gender of that name and it happens to be the same name as mine. You shouldn’t be offended by my name

If you want to be called woman instead of female that’s fine but I really don’t care about being called female. Speak for yourself. But not for me. I’m not really on board with this new trend.


But terms like cute can also be used for animals that doesn’t mean I’m an animal. I still know I’m human.

I don’t really understand

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Do you ever describe men as males? Or do you say men?

I use both terms. Male and men.

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Ok, then.

If you read the articles about it and still disagree, well then we agree to disagree.

Fair enough. 1515151515

I have very long hair. I wear it down, or put it in a ponytail or wear a baseball cap (at the gym). I just had 2 inches cut off but it’s still very long


I just booked hairdresser :haircut_woman:


I used to straighten my hair everyday. After getting sz, I keep it up often because it’s just a hassle and I don’t have the energy to straighten it.


I love putting it up in a high messy pony tail!


down, straightened or back with a clip
i love a big hair clip
i recently had longer streaky hair but now it’s bright red with a dark root and a below the chin bob

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Maybe use “ladies”? Idk

I use the term female all the time.
I also use the term male to describe a man.
There’s nothing wrong with this imo

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I don’t see anything wrong with using “females” but to each their own.

Here is the etymology of the word female. It is not at all derogatory:

“ Middle English: from Old French femelle , from Latin femella , diminutive of femina ‘a woman’. The change in the ending was due to association with male, but the words male and female are not linked etymologically.”


The problem is when people want to speak on behalf of others. I have a problem with this. I’m female and don’t mind being called female and I really have issues with someone else voicing for me that this is not how I want to be represented.


No reason to keep the discussion of the word going. I believe several posts up you agreed to disagree.


Anyway… I wear my hair down. When it was longer I would wear it in a bun

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There is a difference between referring to me as female, and calling me a female.

@ZombieMombie I will say no more. I’ll just stay quietly frustrated and sad over the whole thing.

Honestly I dont see a difference. What gives you the right to come on here and say I shouldn’t be called a female. You are choosing to take offence at literally nothing. And I won’t have you speak on behalf of me. I’m not wasting my time any further with this.

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I’m not the one who keeps coming on here and reiterating a point after we agreed to disagree.