Women 'better than men at disguising autism symptoms'

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I am a man and others are surprised when I tell them I have Autism. This doesn’t agree with the research.

I think with all such things there will always be exceptions to a general rule. I’ve not consciously disguised how I am to any major extent yet it took nearly 45 years of being a psych patient for a mental health professional to realise I might be on the spectrum.

That is because what was seen as autism was a much more severe disorder back in the early -mid 70s. It wasn’t until 1992/1994 that what was seen as autistic was broadened.

That coupled with tunnel vision in which psych professionals saw all behaviours /symptoms as due to a severe mental illness meant the possibility I might be on the spectrum was never considered until October last year . A dx of Asperger’s syndrome followed this May .

I was seen by a child Psych when I was 6 or 7. He diagnosed me in the late 1960’s, as shy and not a going out child. Now at 57 years old I am now on ASD level 2.

We don’t currently have levels in the UK. http://www.researchautism.net/conditions/7/autism-(autism-spectrum-disorder)/Diagnosis gives proposed subtypes for ICD 11 .

The ASD levels and whether someone is high or low functioning are very contentious .

In Australia the Levels are 1-4 or 5 I think. Support starts at Level 2. I still wonder if I have Asperger but unlikely to ever find out.I have done some reading that suggested that I might have a mild case.

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