Woman Asks To Cancel Custom Mug Order After Realising Maker Is Autistic

There are many reasons why someone can legitimately ask for a refund: if the item is faulty, if the item is the wrong size, if the item was ordered while drunk (though many retailers don’t accept the validity of this reason).

However, asking for a refund based on the fact the seller is autistic is not a reason that any person could consider valid. Yet, a woman who sells customised glitter mugs has been faced with just this request.


It’s not just severe mental illness that’s stigmatised. Some people can be total shits.

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That woman is a total moron :roll_eyes:

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This woman doesn’t have any respect. I guess…if you don’t want an item, don’t buy one! It’s her fault that she’s missing out on an awesome custom mug from a great seller. What a shame.


Wow what the f is wrong with some people

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I don’t wish the worse for anyone but I’d like to think these type of people find a little Karma one day. Horrible that our society produces such bigots.

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Disgusting. I hope she finds herself a big dose of karma.

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Mean and ignorant.

This makes me so sick and angry. People can be such a##holes. I hope she gets what she gives. Ignorant. :triumph:

I remember hearing about this? I think the seller may have actually made this up to gain free advertising. Damn, need to find links.


“customised glitter mugs” “scam” “autistic” . No Google results .

“customised glitter mugs” “autistic” “free advertising” No Google results .

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Yeah I remember hearing about this as well and after the media did some digging they found the owner did this on his own computer. It boosted his business big time. Even after getting caught a lot of people were still skeptical because they were so angry and he still profited big time from it. The web address was from the very same computer. He didn’t even try using a different one. I’m all about promoting your business, but this spreads hatred and now he made other people with autism look bad for his actions.

One of the investigators thought the back and forth timing was odd and that the comments in general didn’t seem likely. He had called and reported it to a journalist sending screen shots only and wouldn’t give a name. He didn’t realize journalists are supposed to fact.

Given the media’s penchant for exposing anything fraudulent , I would have expected some results exposing the person with the search terms I used.
But as a counterpoint ;
if it’s true there’s very few websites about it.

That strongly suggests there are doubts as to how true or not the story is. Alternatively if it was a ruse the lack of reporting suggests it’s not seen as a bad thing to piggyback on an autism dx for personal gain.

The report I read wasn’t saying anything positive about doing that. Some people were p*****. You can’t just make up a lie to promote a business, especially one that sparks hatred. But people will sometimes go to any lengths without thinking about consequences. While it’s not illegal to do what he did it’s in poor taste. Had he given a name it would have been illegal and possibly jail for slander.

I would have expected at least some sites run by people with ASD to have denounced this if it was a scam.

It could be a scam. Alternatively it could be someone spreading false rumours it’s a scam to discredit the seller. It would not be beyond the bounds of possibility for someone to have done that.

I got curios about the truth so I tried to dig it
This is all I can get, I cover profile picture and facebook name to do not violates privacy.
I only want to know the truth
2 Mug maker in story I was so confused
1 is in this drama and other one SEEM to be the one who found the truth and exposed the first one

All link to 1st mug maker facebook or shop is closed
In the end I still don’t believe any side because I feel a little paranoid
why did I do this?, I just want to know the truth

Scottish law has a verdict of ‘Not proven’

I would suggest that fits here as to the veracity or not of the woman being asked to cancel an order. We live in age where people will scam, but equally so we live in an age where people will manipulate things to discredit a genuine story.

It wouldn’t be something serious enough either way to go to court.

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^ Agreed. I’m just saying that either way,true or not, it fits ‘Not proven’ .

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This makes me Sad. What a nasty Fcking woman. I hope Karma bites her on the Arse and takes a chunk out. My Daughter has Autism - so this has really pissed me off. If that were me - i would post her address all over the internet, with a transcript of what a nasty cow she is on reddit, and let the WWW decide.