Woke up with a stye in my left eye

I haven’t been sleeping well at all these last three weeks. I think my body is run down


Get a washcloth wet with water from the tap as hot as you can stand it and put it on your eye, it will draw that out of there. When I was pregnant I used to get huge ones that would swell my eyes shut and that’s how I got my eyes open again. It works great. Feels much better and clears them up fast.


Thanks mum. You always look out for me!

How goes the juice cleanse

I’m going to drink my first juice at 8. We’ll see. I’m a little nervous about it because I have a big appetite since Christmas and I’m afraid I’ll want to eat something. But I’ll do my best.

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I had one a couple weeks ago and I feel another one coming on

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I’ve had 4 cysts removed from my eyelids over the last 4 years, my eyes seem to be doing better now since my dr. told me to take vitamin D.

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Sorry Jim but when I read this for the first time I thought you said you had a stylus in your eye and I was like, what, stop sleeping with your electronics! Anyway, it’s strange that when we are not doing well mentally, we begin to experience physical problems as well. You need to get some sleep for sure.

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I have used this for a stye and it worked well.

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