Woke up to an earthquake

We had a 5.7 earthquake at 7:09am, this morning. We’ve been feeling lots of aftershocks since then, some big, some small.

I was sleeping and was awoken when the bed, walls, and floor started shaking and swaying violently. I wasn’t at the epicenter, thank goodness, but it was still scary.

My two cats were hiding afterwards. One was hiding behind the furnace in the laundry room and the other was curled up in the bathroom sink (which he never does).

We’re all safe. Hopefully, it doesn’t happen again.


My brother had a earthquake too, but he lives in Provo, Utah right now.


I’m glad you’re safe. The last earthquake we had earlier this year, I almost fell off the sofa when I was jolted awake. My dog was barking because the house was creaking and windows were rattling – she probably thought it was a giant squirrel on the roof or something.


Yep, that’s probably what it was. Haha.

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I’m glad you are all safe. Phew
That’s good

Must have been quite stressful though


I’m glad you’re safe and everything is fine. We’ve had a few lately and they get your attention for sure. The last one we had was so quick I didn’t even have time to jump up before it was over, so I just sat there staring at the sound it made in the walls like a crazy person. It was funny.

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I’m glad you’re ok. That must have been scary!


Thank God your family and kitties are okay!

I’ve only felt an earthquake once, when I was a child in California.

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Yes glad you’re ok. I’m terrified of weather here. Stay safe hugs.

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So scary. Glad you and the kitties are well.

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