Witness of a crime?

Do you think our opinion is counted in the court ?

Should our opinion matter ?

  • Yes
  • No
  • I don’t care

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I can’t answer that correctly. Even criminals get away with the crime in court.

Having been in the Court System myself, whether your opinion counts or not, does not matter. If the prosecution wants you to go down, your gonna have it.

I was witness to a garbage truck hitting a motorcycle and had my statement taken at the scene. They later called on me in court. But i was exempt because i had gone off to a treatment program. Like i had the option to show but i didnt. Tbh though the person might wanna pick a better witness next time. Cant rely on the testimony of a schizophrenic drug addict lol. Some self depreciating humour there. Anyway. I hope she got everything sorted.

Eye witness testimony is unreliable to begin with!

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Depending on the type of court, a good lawyer would attack your credibility. You better not go into court with skeletons in your closet. I’ve lost a commitment hearing because they had recorded phone conversations I’ve had with the online therapist.

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