Without your health, you don't have much really

I think having good health is essential to living a long happy life…so far , so good…a colonoscopy saved my life at 51, and other than that, no cancer scares since except for this little worrisome bump on my arm I’m getting checked out…I hope all of you over 40 go to your gp for bloodwork and meds.


Whoooops. Well that explains a lot!



My health is so important to me because illness freaks me out. I can’t believe I have psychosis NOS but I do.

I probably am at risk of cardiovascular issues though.

I’m walking on thin ice. Atm

I’m 64, and old age is creeping up on me, with some of its attendant problems - arthritis, dementia, etc. I need to do some thinking and planning for my old age.

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i believe the most important thing in this life is “money” without it you wont have a good life. even if have health you will need money to maintain your health. like blood work , medication , doctor check you up , surgery when needed.


I think health is the most important thing. I would gladly give up my fat bank account for not having mentally illnesses


I was quite lucky physical health wise before I had the falls. I’d only been in a general hospital after suicide attempts. Now the list is:

Atrial fibrillation
premature osteoporosis
mild iron deficiency anaemia
Barret’s oesophagus
mild scoliosis
low vit d
reduced mobility
possible/probable lymphoedema

My daughter has said that she’ll willingly come with me to America to see my dad, if that’s what I want,
but she thinks I’m not physically and mentally up to doing so.

Mental health wise there’s been a slight dip in that I’m taking things to heart more than usual, and have felt quite weepy. Cognitively I’m doing OK. There’ll always be congenital twats who’ll automatically think you must be intellectually challenged,if you mention you’re diagnosed with schizophrenia.

Despite the increase in physical ailments I’m a very fortunate person to have a wonderfully caring, loving, and supportive chosen family. It’s hard to believe that this September it’ll be 6 years since I moved from my 11th floor flat in Essex to live in Wiltshire. It took a lot of persuading, but ranks as the best thing I’ve ever done. I dread to think what would’ve happened if I’d had the falls while living in that 11th floor flat!!

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If Health is Wealth… I have none… My health always been a question since childhood… but there is one thing that drives me till today that tomorrow maybe a different day… maybe something good in it… hope I score atleast more than 0 in terms of wealth by the time I am no more…

Btw it’s good to beat cancer and to feel good about health. Happy for you @jukebox

I will turn 40 in few days and one day at a time for me.

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I can wholeheartedly agree with you! I’m super happy you are free from colon cancer! I hope that bump is benign, my friend! I honestly don’t know if i want to live past 40 xD, sorry if this is triggering.

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At 81, my health is pretty good.


@martinhersey that is so great…good for you man…

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Martin with all respect to a man who has been on this earth much longer than I. I wish you the best of.health in the future and many happy days.

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i agree, health is the greatest of earthly gifts imo

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I just hurt my ankle pretty bad and it made me think about health… I have had accidents, the worst was when I fell and my spine fractured. My doctor told me I was lucky that I didn’t get paralyzed. Losing health so suddenly and out of blue is scary. That such a small thing as slipping can have huge impact on life.

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