Without medication

I have SZ for years, with voices and delusions.
2 years ago it was diagnosed, for 1 year I took Amisulpiride, and for 1 year I took Risperidone.
Amisulpiride did stop the voices, I never hear voices for one year. But it made me a zombie on the couch.
Now I am taking Risperidone, but it has a lot of side effects and it let me be hospitalized 3 times last year.
I am thinking about coming off medications. Can I know if anyone stopped the treatment and managed to get out of it?
I started the orthomolecular treatment this week, and I will be following it. I just want to stop the antipsychotics.

If you’re having symptoms i very much would NOT advise you to come off. If you’re having side effects, request for a change to a more suitable med.

Yes i’ve had thoughts of coming off meds. I’ve had no symptoms for four years since my very first episode but i’m still on them because i am really scared it would happen again and it’s really not worth it.

Hi there, I’m off medications for about a year. I have the most severe forms of symptoms while on med. I have started on orthoiodosupplementation recently. It works like miracle.

It took me years to find a medication that works for me. It’s time-consuming but it’s worth it.
I once stopped medication because it caused a lot of side effects and they made me feel like a zombie. But I started feeling unwell again after about 6 months after I stopped my medicaion.
Talk to your doctor and ask him to find a medicaion that suits you. Things are like that when you are around 2 years after being diagnosed because it’s only by trial and error.