Without death can there be life?

There seems to be an easy simple answer to this.
There could be plant life, but for humans and animals to live, something has to die.
We have to eat.

I searched online for an answer to this and found long complicated answers that don’t make much sense to me.
In my opinion, there can be no human or animal life without death.
It’s really not that complicated is it ?

The topic- " There’s a bit of the death lover in every man"
@chordy made me think of this.

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Death is an illusion. The death lover that I am learning to be is not “morbidity”.

“That which is below is like that which is above & that which is
above is like that which is below to do the miracles of one only thing”

“Its force is above all force. For it vanquishes every subtle thing & penetrates every solid thing.” - The “mysterious” Emerald Tablet as translated by Newton.

our natural energies exhumed daily contribute

along with agriculture, the break down of the planet, CO2 gases
that do more than one million cars,

we are the biggest fossil fuels and drivers of destruction for ourselves
and those around us, and since everything breaks down,

we are the dying living, every shed of skin and molecule.
But I say f-k Bill Gates, have more kids, populate the planet,

and destroy what New World Order would have us believe,
that our course with destiny is just our living.

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I noticed in a new way how barbarically violent the act of eating is.

Be Conan, The Barbarian, Chordy.

"Vegetarians are just as mistaken as their opponents. If you did not want to contribute to the killing of living beings, you could only drink milk, for whoever eats fruit or eggs still kills embryos. Milk is perhaps for that reason the healthiest food, because it is the most ethical. " - Otto Weininger’s Aphoristic Writings

Just a food for thought.

On that note… I hate milk. Grosses me out.

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The question posed…is the same as asking can there be light without dark…of course…since death and darkness are just the lack of life and light…with no death we would just be immortal…as without darkness it would be bright and shadowless…

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shadows happen from light though,

all light works against any given object,
we can never actually BE in the light,

without the casting of it.

The answer is Keith Richards.

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It always startles me in the shadow to see how small I am,
thinking I’m walking with giants on my trail,

I appear fragile.

A shadow is not created…it is the absence of light…your body is coming between our light source and whatever the shadows casting on…im not saying its probable to have a place with infinite light points of equal strength…thus rendering shadow gone…but you could have light without shadow…no one talks about the speed of dark…because dark isnt its own entity its the lack of light…

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This is something I lay at the feet of God. Why oh why did he create such a scheme? In the state of nature the eating of carnivores is pretty grisly. The animals are alive much of the time they’re being eaten by lions, hyenas, or wolves.

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Daze, I’m really backward about a lot of American culture. I had to Google Conan. Had never heard of him. Were his table manners gross?

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Ah! Thats an eye opener.

And the color “black” is only an absorption of all other colors. It’s not “darkness”.

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Theres the difference…you win

what, no honey, it’s a projection as in any other film or camera.

We don’t actually see a dark shadow without light all around,
it puts us as a passing through of light.

I don’t see blue, or green, or yellow, and I doubt they are there.