Within- and cross-mental health disorder correlations in husband-and-wife pairs

It is well known in couples’ research that when one individual has mental illness, it can negatively impact their companion’s mental health.

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So they couldn’t find a couple with both of them having OCD or Autism or Schizophrenia.

I have a fleeting fantasy that involves somehow finding a partner who has Sz like me. It would be the only way I could relate to someone else and then … yeah. I have yet to find or witness someone like me. Not gonna happen. But that’s okay.

I must say that if there is stress in a marriage and a partner is drawing disability income, then financial stress shouldn’t be a problem.

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My husband has epilepsy and suffers from occasional psychosis too so it’s two of us with delusions and sometimes paranoia. Sometimes his paranoia comes into me and I feed off if it and get paranoid too