With your meds is it like you don't have Schizophrenia?

I’m on Zyprexa and Haldol and with this med combo it’s like I don’t have Schizophrenia anymore. I have the side effects of the meds numbing out my high level thinking and sexuality, I’m a little more hungry than normal and I sleep a lot. I definitely had psychosis for a couple years mostly due to changing my belief system and getting involved in a spiritual cult. I’ve since undone the bad beliefs and learned from my mistakes and do not take seriously all the wild dreams I have and occasional voices and things like that. Maybe I don’t have Schizophrenia anymore but have something similar sometimes I wonder. Working at a job for the past year has definitely helped too.


Being on meds compliantly will often cause this sneaky thinking. You recover, and taking pills every day becomes rather reflexive. Don’t fall prey to this. Continue to take your meds, and realize that it’s the job of the medication to help you recover.

To answer the topic question, if I consider that I have to take a handful of pills twice a day, see doctors, and have associated expenses, then no, it becomes apparent something is amiss. But I think I know what you mean: That day in and day out do I feel the threat of psychosis looming in the background? To that I would say no with the caveat of acknowledging it’s the meds getting me by for the most part.


I go to the V.A. for all my medical needs. My medical records are in the computer. So all my doctors can read them. My GP said she can’t see the schizophrenia. I told my pdoc this. He said it was because of the meds and he hope she did not try to stop them.

I’ve only ever gotten to maybe a 6/10 at best in terms of how good I think things should be. Right now I’d say I’m at a 3/10. Maybe would be 2/10 if I didn’t have things in my life like my cat. I was actually starting to get worried yesterday because she wasn’t purring immediately like when I usually pet her and it seems like everyone hates me right now but seems it was just normal erratic cat behavior. Probably just paranoia on my part.

The trick is just to keep taking your meds even if you feel all right. It is the meds that are helping you. I have made it a habit of taking them every night. If you go off your meds for any period of time your symptoms will come back and everything you have worked for will go down the drain.


I’m glad the meds have helped. Congratulations on the job.

With my meds… I know I’m doing better… because in the past when I’ve stopped them… I’ve ended up back in hospital.

Staying med compliant has helped me get stronger. There are still glitches here and there… but for the most part… I’m doing better on my meds then off them.

Keep on your meds and your life will get a whole lot better.

I have fallen prey to sneaky thinking that I was cured after talking my latuda for a year and quit taking it. Then I relapsed almost wound up in the hospital. I don’t suggest quitting your meds even if you think you are cured.I developed a resistance to latuda and the doctor kept having to raise the dose then added invega but the invega but it didn’t help. It took switching doctors to a new clinic to get me on Haldol. It’s not perfect but it helps with symptoms but doesn’t make them go away completely.