With!without time with!without

There is no time. Thee earth spins slowly. We have the moon and stars. The sun and the clouds. A blue sky. Rain and fog. The mist of each second passing. Minutes fading. Hours sleeping. Days in slumber. Months far away. Years in embers of a hopeful future. In webs of a forgotten past. That is to say., In all reality., We have no time!.

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Do u know what the tokolosh is

that’s poetic, very true.

Nope!. Did you make that up?.

I say outside last night and realized clocks keep us all on the same page., Since the beauty of nature can’t, here’s some numbers., ‘digital love’ as fact punk would say., But they are it differently also.

Hope all is well with you… … …

D a f t punk. Not “fact punk”.

Ugh!. Computers!.

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I like daft punk. Haha

No it’s a real thing

Please explain… … …

I don’t know about that, cuz I look out the window upon waking every morning

and know exactly what time it is.

Have you seen that hands video of the song ‘harder, better, faster, stronger’?.

It’s pretty fun… … …

Haha yes. 16151515

Your body clock in sync perhaps?.

yeah, we’re losing daylight quickly though

so I’ve been sleeping a little longer, I think my body clock is right at dawn, waking.

Well share the video!, What are ya waiting for!?. :smiling_imp:


You are awesome!. :innocent:

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ha, wow, tricky. whole new definition of sign language.

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Haha. It’s cool. And difficult. I couldn’t coordinate my fingers

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Off of one of my favorite albums of all time!.

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yeah, good tune too.