With steps as high as their knees, how do toddlers get up them?

I’m sure I couldn’t climb a step as high as my knees.
I think I went numb when I was a toddler.

Surprised J. there’s a limit to how much I can accept your optimism.
But then, maybe I was trying to climb them like a grown-up. A lack of creativity.

Opps… sorry Chordy. I’ll try to keep the optimistic stories in check.

It’s just I’ve never seen a toddler climb stairs with out also using their elbows and tummy. Sort of wiggle worm up and then go back down backwards using their tummy and knees.

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Toddlers are bendable…while they do use elbows and hands i have seen them stretch their whole leg up on stairs and pull themselves up… I could still do same… I climb up on a roof like that and its about at my knees when I go up the banked dirt piled against that part of the house… have to use my hands too though…

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Well to me, it seems next to impossible and I wonder if it’s not the origin of hip replacements and knee surgeries that are so common. But maybe dwelling on the subject like I am is --lol.

And here we go !!! Wheeee !

Uh Oh…must watch out for this super leg stretch !

See they really do bend!!!

And not even the child gate can stop them !

Child gate FAILS!


LOL!!! That all looks familiar! Love those baby feet

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take care

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