With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility

These are crazy. Like drugs, or like energy drinks, but better.
They’re good for days when you have lots to do, but no energy.
Last time I had a bar I stayed awake all night and drove my sleeping mother and sister home from the city from 10pm, to 5am. That 7hr drive felt like nothing.
This magical chocolate must be used, wisely.

“With great power comes great responsibility.” -Spiderman’s Uncle

Sorry guys, I’m half-awake and in a weird mood, today. Just craving one of these, right now.


Well Ya’know What She Says … ,

" with great responsibility comes great pizzas! " - Lushtaflurriah

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Who is Lushtaflurriah?

Why do You Ask Curiously (???) … ,

You Hungry Fo Mo then Whatchoo Wish You Had (???) … ,

Lush Got Nothing but Pizzas … … … ,

Thaz All e(Y)e Know … … … (2) … … … ,

Perhaps thus Will be of Service


(slight sorta slightly explicit material) - (have a great dai) - (slight sorta slightly explicit material)

Are You Aware Perhaps of a Diet that Can Eraze tha Pills From Text Book Loving Doctors (???) … ,

If Naught No Worries , Jus Curious Also (!!!)

I only eat vegan, low-carb, gluten-free, paleo, raw, organic, locally sourced, low calorie, fat free, sugar free, low glycemic pizza.

Possibly, yes.

Well Please Wonderer … ,

Share Wit tha Rest of tha Class (!!!)

I could use one of those.

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If you eat healthy, you shouldn’t need pills and medication.
The human body was created to heal and take care of itself.
When we fill our bodies with chemicals, and synthetics and deprive ourselves of nutrients and necessities, we prevent out bodies from doing so. Thus, we need turn to medications to survive.

How did this thread become rant about health?
I think I need to get off the internet, now.

Гарного дня

Can’t we all, haha.

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I assume it’s just loaded with caffeine. It’s a great idea though, somebody’s making money from it, that’s for sure!

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Probs a Door Sitting there Among tha Barren Field of a Start of a Philosophical Tide that Can Gently Carry tha Messages in these Bottles to Help those Asking Politely as thee Other Fence Feels Abnormal Because of a Simplistic Question … , Probs ,

e(Y)e Dunno .

N e hoo ,

Have a Safe Trip .

Emoji Fur Ya ------- > :smiley:

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That’s a law of psychopharmacology as well as a generally true statement about power.

It means all drugs come with side effects.

Combine it with “know thyself” and “ignorance is bliss” if you want to have fun staring out the window thinking really hard. Try to put all three in a valid and cogent logical statement.

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and Please … ,

Please Don’t Forget Thus One … ,

))) - Down Below - (((



(don’t let it bring you down) - (tbc probs) - (don’t let it bring you down)

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when you read you hear voices with the power to outlast flesh

I listen to words from pages bro. Plenty of them. Powerful ones.

Thaz Special Yo … ,

Which is Actually Slightly More Welcoming then “bro” … ,

but It’s Nyse You Feel L(Y)Ke You Actually Have a Connection With “pages” From “powerful” Books … ,

Good For You “bro” … ,

Your Mother Must Be Proud of All tha Hardwork You Are Obviously Involved With … ,

Fo Reel tho … ,

Anyone Who Uses tha Word “bro” , Comes From a Place of Supreme Intelligence … ,

Perhaps “POWERFUL” “bro” “bro” Such and Thereof … … … ,

Keep it Coolio bro bro .

Oh my dayum. WANT.

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