Witch is worse negative or positive symptoms?

Witch is worse negative or positive symptoms. Without the amounts with both?

Id say negative. My avolition can get really bad and the meds dont seem to help but almost all my positive symptoms go away with meds

Definitely my positive symptoms. I can do more as without medication. But the motivation is gone.

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My negative symptoms, motivation is low.


The positive symptoms by far.


My positive symptoms (psychosis) was a nightmare 5 years ago.
Positive symptoms are worse in my case.

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I was hospitalized many times and lost a job for positive symptoms. I have negative symptoms too-but doing and feeling nothing- do no harm to others. I can’t think, and my judgment is impaired with positive symptoms, whereas, negative symptoms make me lazy. I can live with negative symptoms but not with the positive symptoms. Paranoia, delusions, and auditory hallucinations are a nightmare!


Positives!!! Negatives don’t try and kill you!!!


I guess negatives hurts for my self more but positives can impact on the safety of others😶

Without meds? Definitively positive symptoms as they make me a danger to myself and to others.
On meds I have no positive symptoms but I have negative symptoms which aren’t a danger to myself or to others.

Yes they make me lazy but its a lot better than dying by suicide or hurting others.

Negatives don’t tell me I’m chosen, they don’t try to confuse me, they don’t try to get me to hurt myself, they don’t berate me.

I’d rather be sedated to inactivity than having positives.


The bad positives are definatley worse than the lethargy of the negatives.

Scared the ever loving shite outta me - and i never want to visit that part of my brain again.

I can handle the feeling of being constantly bored.


For me, the negative symptoms are worse. Depression and avolition seem to keep me stuck

It is so unlike my former self to be unmotivated, yet here I am

Positive symptoms, as I think they are harder to understand and cope with if someone is taking care of you/for the people closest to you.

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