Wish they hadn't told me that

They are just like “So yeah, there are good places out there you know.”

“Yeah, these places operate an entirely different way and everyone is just fine there.”

I was like “Wow, thats great to know man, thanks for telling me that. You really have knack for making me feel like ■■■■. But thanks for the tip though, it’s so great to know there are actual heavenly places out there where stupid horrible ■■■■ doesn’t happen.”

Fak! Fakin Fak!

You’ll be talking to some of these beings and you’ll go “yeah, our life spans are pretty short.” And they are like “whats a life span?”

Because they never die and they are healthy and have really comfy lives.

Fak! Fakin Fakity fak fak!

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Glad to have you back. You’re always welcome here.


I second that,
@pansdisease has arrived, welcome back ,

and I been hoping to see @darksith each night as I look to the night time sky…send us a sign your ok when you’re able to…please, I miss you.