Wish me luck as we come out to my parents in law

Over thanksgiving my wife and I are going to tell her parents that I am schizophrenic. I’ve been this way for about a year and a half since I took adderall for three months. We’ve now been married for nine years, and I’ve downgraded my career to a security job because of the stress on me, and this whole experience has been hard on both me and my wife.

I don’t know what to expect from my parents in law. They are not open-minded people. I wonder if they will blame me. My wife says it’s not my fault but I see all this suffering and I am at the center of it. I just don’t know what to expect. They might even be supportive.


Good luck. I hope it goes well for you.


Good luck! :+1:


Good luck good luck! I know “coming out” can be a very scary thing, especially to those who are ignorant about mental illness…sometimes it can be a learning experience! I hope all goes well for you.

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Good luck! Whatever happens, at least you won’t have to hide who you are anymore.


Good luck with it.


Good luck! :relaxed:

Hi Sunlion,

Do you mind if I ask why you have decided to tell them?

(I think it could be a good thing, I am just curious).

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Good luck with it hope it goes well :slight_smile:

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I second that.

I’m not saying to not come out. but telling them might put more unneeded stress and pressure on you. unless you spend a lot of time with them, I don’t really see much reason to tell them.

I didn’t tell anyone about my schizophrenia except my mom, brother, and aunt. but word spreads anyways. I’m pretty sure my mom’s told every relative about my illness, by now.

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My reason is that I want more support for my wife in all this. She is shouldering so much burden on her own and I don’t like how stressed she gets. I think they can help her. I also think my wife’s reason for telling them is similar, but my in-laws keep asking what’s up with me. Like why haven’t I gotten a different job. Hopefully they will be more sympathetic, but I don’t know. My wife needs her family’s support, bottom line.


I wish I had your courage. Maybe I will do the same at some point with my inlaws. Best of luck! I hope it has the effect you want it to have.

Good luck. I came out to everyone when I was psychotic so there is not much else for me to say to people.

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Good luck @Sunlion

Good luck. I hope they are understanding.

Wishing the best for you and your family.

I’m watching Juno and it’s the scene where she explains to her parents that she is pregnant. Her parents are so disappointed in her. That’s what I’m imagining it will be like right now. Ironically, if we told them we were pregnant they would be thrilled.

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Are you sure about that? I think you should carefully re-read what you wrote…?

We just told my parents in law. On the one hand they were supportive. They said to let them know what they could do, and they said they were sorry this is happening. Then her dad kind of compared it to his friend who gets panic attacks in that it is just a chemical imbalance in the brain. I think he was trying to bring it back to something relatable.

That’s the thing. How can anyone understand this? It’s beyond anyone. Anyway, I asked them to check in on my wife if they could because she needs a support network. Her mom said she would. Mission accomplished on my end