Wish I wasn’t like this

I feel like ■■■■ cuz of paranoia

What kind of paranoia?

I fear being killed

I had it too in the past.
It’s really bad.
Maybe you should take a benzo

They won’t prescribe benzos cuz I’m only 17

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I’m gonna call my psych

Yes do it.
Are you any better?

Idk i feel like ■■■■ always

Better to avoid them. They’re addictive. One can learn to deal with and reduce anxiety through therapy (yes, it works for those of us with autism, too). I take meds as needed, but I always aim for the minimum required dose.

Yeah that’s true
I should just calm down

It’s difficult to find a med or a combo of med that works and sometimes you have to learn to manage the symptoms meds don’t work on…. I hope you can get on to the right therapy for you.

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