Wish I knew calculus

Good for you!!!

I never believed Arabs were terrorists even after 911. I know some Arabs are terrorists as well as Timothy McVeigh but nobody talks about him. He’s a white guy who bombed a building in Oklahoma. It was considered a terrorist act


I was going to teach math and started to take it. Isn’t it mostly doing calculations with a higher power, or lower power? I don’t really remember it. I guess I didn’t get far in calculus. It’s about finding derivatives and the slope of a function. There are good YouTube videos.

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I could write a book on how unfair it is to be called a terrorist because of my heritage when the majority of terrorist acts in the US are committed by white men. But it would delve too much into politics so I will just say I also learned to ignore such comments.

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I didn’t know that. I knew about Timothy McVeigh though.

Did you have a lot of problems after 911? I went to college in 1994 and many of my friends were from Saudi Arabia. My Saudi boyfriend was a jerk. It was a strange culture to me but they were decent people.


Hon, you need to talk to your pdoc. You keep asking us if you are this or that, and your pdoc has your answers.

I wish you the best, and let us know what you have. Take care!


Yeah overnight I went from another white kid to suddenly and abruptly Different.

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I’ve always thought about self studying math to calculus. Don’t know how realistic such thinking is but I guess it’s easy to entertain myself.

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I would do it. They offered business cal at my community college which is applied calculus without trig. Not saying you should do that, but it’s easier and geared towards business/accounting/econ majors. That or maybe get stewart or some cheap amazon book with lots of pictures and stuff. I find they are more entertaining and easier to read and understand. I have like 4-5 different calculus books alone. They got calculus for kids and calculus made easy for adults. Some are harder or more dry/rigorous than others. It can make or break a person and make the entire ordeal different. They used stewart for community college. I wasn’t really ready for the texts like apostol/spivak. I would read those since I have tutored and stuff in calculus and I would be learning new concepts and things I didn’t learn. I went from nothing to community college to transferring to a top school in math.

I was the dumbest person in high school when it came to math. Seriously. I matured and learned stuff and took it seriously.

There’s many formats: online, community college, self taught. I recommend some sort of class or brushing up on trig/alg and then do pre calculus if you need to. This goes for everyone. It’s kind of general. Geometry is useful too. I skipped geometry since I failed it the first time in high school, took it again and got a C - it transferred or I got credit for it at community college. I hated math and geometry for years, but had good mentors/teachers at community college. I wanted to do business or econ. I had a lot of hot pretty college girls recommend me to do stem, not business. I mean I was sort of smart and talented so I took their advice lol/haha.

I just took all the math without a reason at community college. Not sure why. I guess I was just waiting to transfer. I should have taken physics looking back. Physics is important and can be applied to various other subjects just like math. I plan on doing that soon in 1-2 years if I feel better/want to.

I’m going to start at high school physics at a CC online. I’ll learn everything I need using algebra/trig and then go up the ladder to mechanics and then hopefully electromagnetism/circuits. Just because it fascinates me and interests me. I think I’ll quit there.

Maybe take 1-2 courses in computer science too. That should give me enough courses for a AS-T in math or something.

I might stop there.


Yeah, I always wish that too. It would make figuring out how much to leave for a tip at restaurants a whole lot easier.

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Thank you for the cool post you just wrote.

I was really good at math in high school. I earned an A.A.S. in Accounting when I turned 20. Never worked directly in the field but sometimes life turns out that way after a sza dx.

I would have to start from the bottom though and do a thorough review.



According to my calculations i should have money in the bank, dam i am bad in calculus.:grinning:


I loved that course in college. I took 3 physics classes. Mechanics, electromagnetism/circuits and optics/relativity.


Damn that’s really impressive. Definitely a smart man. I’m biased towards physics :smiley:

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Here we have to succeed in college to be accepted in university. I think its different in the US where college is like university?

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here it’s college or university after high school. You can choose college or university… college is more practical.

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