Wish I knew calculus

When I was 14 I tried teaching myself it but I lacked prereqs so it wasnt very successful

I still lack prereqs

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Why don’t you go to school? They won’t let you?

ye i have to study 9th grade by myself
Next year I will go to a real school

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Did you ever learn Trig? Calculus is about a thousand times easier to understand if you already understand trig.


Why cant you go to school now?

we dont study real trig yet
Only pythagorean theorem and sohcahtoa


cuz im almost finished with grade 9’s material so no point going to school

Idk about you but I loved going to school, it motivated me to study more and I made friends who helped me study better. I had friends who forced me to study with them lol They became Drs.

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I was bullied in school so i dislike it

I had this Moldovian friend who studies a lot and motivated me to study much more with him. He wanted me to go live with him in a university residency to study and become Drs. I refused. He went with other friends and is now a Dr, I congratulated him on Facebook.

My friend at church also became a Dr, cardiologist. Idk, sz made me less smart but I am still smart just not super smart. I am jealous of these friends. One of my friends at college is now a neurosurgeon. He’s Arab like me, we spome in Arabic.


By everyone? I was bullied when I was in a bad school full of drug addicts. But then I went to the best college in my city and wasnt bullied there.

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Almost everyone yes

Maybe go to a better school? I think some schools have less bullies. I used to be bullied in bad schools bcz I am an immigrant and an Arab. They called me terrorist and told me to go back to my country. I just learned to ignore them.

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There aren’t better schools

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Then try to ignore them.

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My cousin was a bully and he bullied me in school bcz I didn’t fight in fights. I just ignored him. I haven’t spoken to him in the last 10 years.

I see. Wish i knew am i stable or not

I think I was 19 when I learned calculus. It wasn’t easy but I did well. You seem to be ahead of most of your peers. I was behind, but I guess it just clicked and went well and I went with it. You must be smart for your age.

I’m 31 now and I can say I haven’t done calculus in years or did anything much with it except use it on coursera. It helps you think and reason better. I think coding / programming is more useful skill to have right now.

I didn’t learn how to code until my schizophrenia hit at 23 years old. I started with python online.

Schizophrenia ruined my ability to do stuff and think.

There’s easier calculus books out there like calculus for kids or something. Amazon is a good resource as well as khan academy and stuff. I think you will end up doing good if you control your ‘schizophrenia’.

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I don’t have sz but i get what u mean

I’ve been studying Arabic for 2 years. Well yesterday I saw some Arabs at the grocery store and all I could say was “Marhaban”. Stupid me.

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