Wish i had some to fall back on

oh its you again. well you know, I just saw the Dr yesterday, and he said i’d be dead in two years, based on my levels of …and a 70% blockages and that I smoke. well nice knowing you. can this change?

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Better diet, more exercise, quit smoking and drinking. It can only help.


can’t drink anyway blood presser meds

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better diet ? ■■■■ man there one ive seen that helps

now look who it is…

I’ve heard that once you become sedentary walking just ten minutes a day can have a huge benefit on your health. You don’t even have to do all your walking at once. If you want to do your walking three minutes at a time it’s okay.


I get in a mile a day.


I’m sorry that you got such harsh news Dr. Zen.

Please accept my (Hug). :v:

Time to give up the smokes matey!~

It took champix/ whatever it’s called over there for me to do it. It’s never too late and it makes a huge difference.

Give up the smokes DRZen!

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Blockages can be un- blocked in * some* people.

Your not gonna like this, but it will be worth it if it is offered to you.

There is this thing they do called an angiogram. It is only a picture. And just getting the picture is “unpleasant”. (read: you will likely feel pain but it is a level majority of people can live with and it dont last long).

After the picture there is another proceedure. (which also belongs under the Not-Fun-But-Need catagory).

In the same way they got that picture, they use a cath to open blockages.

Some doctors will leave the visit with out telling you some things. Some of those things are important. (It happens)

I will certainly be hoping yours had a brain fart after being distracted and just didnt finish? or maybe he did not know if he could offer it to you just yet because he did not have all your health information back yet.

You will know if you are a canidate for that proceedure if they start talking about a “balloon” to open blockages.

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There’s a safe way to unclog your arteries. Look up Linus Pauling therapy (he won a nobel prize for chemistry), which involves Lysine, to reverse heart disease. It really does eat away at arterial plaques.

Here’s a study about how lysine and arginine are essential for fibrinolysis, which is the dissolving of arterial plaque.

I’m sorry, doc. But doctors don’t really know how long somebody has. They gave my cousin one week to live back in February, and now they’re saying he’s made a full recovery. Don’t give up, keep trying new things!

I’d ask a doctor for advice on how to change the situation. Take this as a wake up call. Time to make changes. Follow doctor’s orders.

maybe you had enough warning and intervention could change outcome. i’m under hospice care so i’m more about quality vs longevity. i’m going to try to find moments of joy till it’s gone. ironically i just so happen to like healthy food. blueberrries, raspberrries, i love them, antioxidants. and salmon , omega 3, yum.

The unholy allegiance to this sucking on the cancerous black teet of death rings true. If you want to die given the information you have been given, Give up smoking or die is the doctors’s advice.

There are many other pleasures. Even tea can get you high. Vaping can give you a nicotine high without the harmful effects of cigarettes.

Do somethng about it, and don’t give up.

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