Wish I had a real life wife and Daugther son

Would be a good time right now.

Dodger dogs on the grill

Wife by my side daugther and son playing together.

Instead Im at my moms house in my room trying to keep the demons away and mental illiness

Maybe one day


I don’t think it is any greener on the other side


It’s never too late but you have to change. Nothing is going to change while your sitting on your ass in your mums house. Honestly. I didn’t get laid till I was 31 and on medication. I got married after that although later divorced.

Do some regular exercise. Lose the weight and get on a dating app. You might be suprised but it gets old quick when you complain about things that are in your realm of at least trying to fix.


I try to achieve this goal too but time is not on my side. I would say that if I reach 45 years of age which is 2 years from now. I will give up on this dream & aspiration because my life time is finite.

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Sounds like too much responsibility.


Marriage is hard. It’s a lot of work. I see people post all the time about wishing they had a wife, but half the time get insanely upset over something like a flag or locked post or not getting enough likes.

What would you do in a relationship if there were conflicts? And there would be, because every relationship has conflict of some type.


Marriage is great and rewarding but a lot of work

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