Wish I could rewind time

Nothing major. Just 30 mins… just for that girl who walked by me and smiled.


Are you a guy??? I always thought you were a girl based upon your art ability for some reason! But you may still be a girl…

Im a guy, and I don’t even know how to reply to that… but its cool.

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Aww! That’s sweet.
But really if I could be me twenty years ago that would be great. I need to live along time but alcohol and cigs who knows.

I get people’s genders wrong a lot. I find more girls are interested in art making for better art which is why I incorrectly stereotyped you. Sorry didn’t mean to be offensive. Maybe next time you get a wink from a girl show her your art??? She will be impressed I imagine.

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Nah, Ienjoy the fact that there’s only one time line… Makes you enjoy it even more at time. But what would be cool, is if you could play out some of the mini storylines… But then again that might get boring after awhile too.

Believe me, I do. And some girls like it, some not so much… But its definitely a good tool to have.

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When I was a kid I used to love those adventure books that would give you multiple endings. I think this is why I struggle making decisions so many good options. Especially with schooling.
But the older you get the shorter life becomes but I used to understand my suffering as a way to connect with the less fortunate but now I want a decent retirement, good life insurance and a fulfilling career.