Wish i could live with the animals

Wish I could live with the hawks. i don’t have a desire to fly, just live with them. Sick of people. My worst diagnosis of them all is being a human being. This hell. I just wanna live with the noble hawks or the scoundrel vultures or the curious owls.

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Being an animal would mean no ice cream which is a no go for me.


The Byrds?

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Id rip up life,id think id be a bear,they know how to enjoy life,eat and :sleeping:,claw anything that gets in the way

Id like to be a wolf that lays eggs and can use a machine gun. Id be so badarse :smoking:

I eish that I could live eith the eagles in se Alaska.

I wish i could to.

Im not made for that though unfortunately, i need more fur.

I also wish to give the animals new food sources and alterations. Imagine walking by a pride of lions in the wilderness but without the fear, they’ll be eating different things. Just a few alterations here and there.