Wise Mature & Inner Peace

I’ve learnt to live…


Teach me then…!!!

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change the attitude …that means change your thinking/thoughts… I did this and got wise mature and inner peace


sounds cool :slight_smile: what’s your attitude now?

my attitude is wise and peaceful

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So you’re no longer fixated on money, then?

I have lots of money…but I am mentally stable wixel

anyone here???

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Yes I am also trying to become wiser…

Good job Pedro.


What is CBT? what do u specifically do?

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I don’t have a cbt therapist. I try my best to make up for this problem by applying some principles on myself.

  • I constantly monitor ALL my thoughts. Including subliminal ones, who are only detected by the feeling they generate. If I get an unusual feeling of defeat or disappointment or worry, I assume behind it there lies an unhealthy thought habit.
  • I immediately analyze the thought with metacognition. If it’s a good one, I try to reinforce it. If it’s a bad one, I take steps to counter it with more positive thoughts.
  • several times a day I repeat some mantras for good health, hope and personal development. Words like “I will feel more pleasure; I will sleep better; I will be more energetic”. These mantras should be tailored to fit your own needs.
  • every week I try pushing my limits a bit, with a new activity. For example, last week I started brushing my teeth again, once a day; this week I started a small collaboration which involves translating a couple of articles every day.

That sums it up I guess. Questions :interrobang:


So… you like tame the thoughts? to be more optimistic? how about for when u get a thought telling u not to do the specifinc thing like picking up an instrument and jamming for a few minutes?


Good question. I used to play the piano. Now my feelings are still blunted so I haven’t resumed playing. But if things go well, maybe my feelings will come back in a year or so… I can only hope :slightly_smiling_face:

Anyway, if I get intrusive negative thoughts, I stop whatever I’m doing and analyze it:

  • It may be a normal reaction to a shitty situation. For example, I’ve always hated manual labor, but these days I have to help my dad fix the car. He gives me easier tasks, like unscrew the wheels. I almost invariably get apathetic when faced with such tasks. But I take a moment to think positively about the situation, things like: “It’s easy to do, it will be ready in the blink of an eye; I’ve done this before, it’s piece of cake; I’ll be happier when it’s over”.
  • It may be an abnormal reaction stemmed from my inability to feel anticipatory pleasure. In this case, I do roughly the same thing, I dismiss the negative thought and replace it with others: “I will definitely enjoy doing this for a while; Last time I did this it was cool; This is silly, I WANT to do this”.

With practice, I’ve learned to promptly identify a defeatist or negative thought, and I usually turn it into a good one.

Important note: sometimes negative thoughts are subliminal and I fail to detect them. It takes a while before I realize the negative feeling generated by said thoughts. By then it might be too late, the damage has been done. But I take it as an experience building situation. In time I will learn to identify even subliminal thoughts, and alter them on the spot.