Wisdom of today

“Maybe you have to “shape” that brain”


What do you mean by that? It makes me think of cultivating a healthy mind through proactive measures. Like good food, education, exercise and socialising with the right people. Is this kinda what you were going for?

Excuse me for asking,have you had different user name?

My head shape is like anunaki :sweat_smile: in fact it’s true my forehead is too big

Mine is now shaped like potato and egg.

Ozy Osborne, the Shapely One
Out leveling Sir Level :potato::egg:
:turtle: :dash:

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It more like how you shape your brain
With all that care if your into that
If you want to become empathic your the one shaping that brain and it manifest itself uniquely after than… :slight_smile:

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I wish i could stop meds and cure my sz by manifesting

Whats stopping you? :hugs:

Manifesting being a delusional belief with no basis in reality is my guess.


My thought from that, personal thinking
Ehem…what thoughts are real? Isn’t most of it founded by thinking? I know I know, study but philosophy got their hand full
Because philosophy are thoughts arent they as same as wisdom and poetry.
I don’t know which thoughts are real, so whose to say what has a basis in reality, isn’t schizophrenia a basis in reality if you understand? Got a little bit of course there :grin:

Some thoughts have a basis in reality and some don’t.

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Some people think they are manifestations of their cat to take care of them. People are crazy! Lolol.

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