Wired wrong

I have the crying laughing all mixed up part. It’s not pleasant when it happens around people who don’t know me or understand

Are you diagnosed? I guess at this point my advice would be to not waste time being disgusted with yourself.
Having a mind that’s wired differently really sucks, I do know that, but I wasted many years hating myself. That’s not what you need.
Take the time to help yourself, get help, and learn to cope and function to the best of your ability. :heart:

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I think I might be a danger to others right now. I’m debating going to the hospital? Or just sequestering myself in my room.

Go to.the hospital sounds like the best route to go. You will be safe

I think it’s a schizo thing but i’m not sure. I;m in the same boat sometimes. Going to a hospital sounds good. If you will not have troubles at your job. I read you have a job. Anyway if you think you could be a danger to others you should really go or talk with your dr. Get better soon :hugs: @Smokes

Wow. I can relate to this. If it helps you’re not alone with this. I get pretty sick of it all to be honest. It’s confusing and irritating.

I don’t think the meds are helping, so I am trying for a fourth time not to take them. Lol. Trying for a fourth, I must be ■■■■■■■ pregnant …

I put myself into an Ativan coma and locked my door.

That’s a bad thing. Please don’t take more than prescribed

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Take your meds as prescribed @Smokes.
Maybe you shouldn’t have benzodiazepines lying around the house.

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@Smokes What’s going on? You sound not doing well.Talk with us. Tell someone about this

If you think you’re a danger to yourself or others then going to the hospital is the best thing to do. Take care of yourself @Smokes.

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@ninjastar. We need the crisis info.

I just can’t stop thinking about blood

What blood? What do you mean?

My blood, loved one’s blood. My brain is telling me it’s sexy, that it’s sexual. I started cutting on my thigh and my wrist.

I can’t stop. I don’t want to stop.

Go to the ER @Smokes.
Cutting is not healthy.

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