Winter ❄️ time


I feel in wintertime you can hide more… this is probably what gets me bad mental health in the winter. I hide a lot. It’s a comfort and I like it for some time until it catches up to me. But im healthier in summer


What’s the matter with hiding if you don’t completely isolate?


because it’s not ever going out my comfort zone and the isolation may not be complete but it’s still eminent. And the shorter days you can hide in the dark I feel.


I embrace the darkness and oftentimes being alone. I’m more productive that way, less distractions and annoying bs tbh. Might not be good for some, but I’m content with not being a community person. I have my preferred social settings but feel no need to go beyond my comgpfort zone. If I’m comfortable, safe and content, I feel no need to push myself


I’m going to try not to isolate this winter. But every winter I leave the board, the days get shorter, and I end up in the hospital in March/April from isolation. Trying my best to implement new strategies this year.


Ah, I see it’s a cyclical issue. Dude, yes reach out if that is your trend. For me I used to be a social freak trying to:be super woman and mrs claus getting the “perfect” gift for everyone at holidays. My goal was since my nasty heart scare, Last xmas was horrible because I pushed where there was no support to lean on when weak. This year I’ve vowed to take care of me and have the courage and strength to say “no” that is not what I think is best for me.


I love the winter


In winter my house is warm :smiley:


My house is HOT in the summer. And WARM in the winter. I guess there’s a difference.

Warm feels better. Hot is more uncomfortable I guess.


Mine is whatever I set my units, fans or fireplace to…I like it cold so it’s 66 in the house so when I took my shower I used a space heater to warm me up. Now I’m cozy under my down comforter sipping on some warm tea


Yeah I can’t hike or swim with friends in the winter so unless I find enough money to go snowboarding I don’t see anyone. I ended up in the hospital last winter but I’m actually taking meds this year so I don’t think that will happen.


Reach out if needed @alr123321 glad your taking meds if needed :hugs:. I usually go around salt lake to snowboard. Pricing outside there is fairly reasonable.


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