Winter Cleaning

So had the weekend off from what has been a pretty busy couple of months. Didn’t intend too but had some good energy today so really attacked my room today. I need some space for some hobbies which I really need to do so I chucked out a hell of a lot of stuff…

Like most of it is decent gear…bits of computers but I’ve been collecting things like motherboard boxes and they take up room. I’ve managed to bin a hell of a lot of stuff which is really cool. I was hoarding a lot of stuff from hobbies I’ve moved on from as I do so if I can’t sell it I need to let go and bin it…

So. Weekend off. Happy I had the energy and desire to attack my workspace in my room. Now I can do some hobby stuff when it turns up this week. Yay me! I’m winning Charlie.


Sounds good you kept yourself busy.

I would have struggled to fill the time!

When I used to go to car boot sales I used to hoard, but recently I have not gone, and I have minimal possessions.

It’s good to have hobbies!

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That’s great @rogueone i need to do some cleaning today. Enjoy your hobbies

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