Winter Babies at Greater Risk for Schizophrenia


I was born in January


I remember reading this back when I was in college


I’ve heard this before also. I was born in February.


Im from january… It is a strange thing that this varies per month of birth.


I heard June is prone to bipolar

I’m June and sza bipolar type


I heard a theory it could be linked to viruses and stuff around when the mother is pregnany


I was a moderate weight rate birth

at 7 pounds 2 oz.

from a very small mother who tells me everything was fine

with pregnancy and delivery. I guess I gotta believe her.

I was born in June.


My birth and everything was perfect. I smoked some stuff in college 8 years ago. But they say it is 60-70 % genetic. It starts while you are a fetus in the womb. I had trouble making friends and didn’t like groups. I went from a straight A student to a C student, which is very common.


I was born in July which is mid winter in the southern hemisphere. My dad told me that I had a very difficult birth. My mother was suppose to get a Cesarian cut but she insited on having a natural birth.


I was born in December, another winter baby.


Lol, I’ve seen this. Today’s my birthday. :blush:
I was also two months premature and had seven blood transfusions when I was born. Stayed in an incubator for my first month.


Happy Birthday!


Thank you! …


Yes I’ve long known this and I was born in february.


Most born in September have the problems as their parents were hammered on drugs during the festive season


I was born on a very cold, snowy day in the middle of February.


I was born in December.