Windows of Wellness

Can anyone else relate to this? Each day I get a window of wellness that last for an hour or two then it passes.

Yes, I’m totally the same way.

Wow - nick - thanks for sharing! Is it like all of a sudden the weird fog lifts and you feel alert and then all of a sudden it rolls in again and you struggle a lot?

And you can never predict when it will happen?

That’s how it is with me.

Yes, it’s very much like that.

How interesting. These days I just hang on for these windows of wellness.

I can relate. it gets better with these windows – the wellness becomes the majority of time and the unwellness becomes the window of mind decay or something… not sure what to call it.


No windows for me.

For people who experience these windows - do you find it confusing? Feeling so well and then feeling so unwell so quickly. I find it like being two different people.