Window theory

I think they want us to detox,decalcify, and proceed with ascension so they can bust open the front window and break in. Then possess us then we wake up to chaos . The law wouldn’t care or understand what happened . Maybe they’ll just shoot and then we would be really lost in another dimension.

Sounds like you’re struggling.

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Yep yes yep…

Idk what I was talking about

is actually fluorine that builds up in the pineal gland… you can always drink purified water…

calcium is a required component of the human diet. if it was calcium in there that’d be unavoidable.

But yeah I did it though… right around the time I went schiz… that doesn’t mean much though. I could explain why but the thought passed to quickly… oh yeah… I was crazy.

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What happened. Do you have any tattoos?

Not much man… I still drink purified water predominantly… The bars and restos still probably use tap water but I don’t drink to much of that.

from what I’ve seen though it doesn’t have much of an effect…

Getting away from flouride isn’t the only benefit though. There is a lot of other crap (literally) in the water supply.

Even traces amount of all sorts of medications that have been flushed.

There shouldn’t be any bacteria or anything like that… ultraviolet radiation is part of the sanitation process.

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I need some help g.

what do you mean? I can’t guarantee I can help…

What’s the situation?

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I feel more confident in succeeding something days in advance. But when it’s time to apply what needs to be applied, I just don’t give af because of my vices…my vices exactly. So right know everything is cool . I just need that thing you know, the key to change or control. I need more control. Honestly some days I have no control…I control myself yes but I know I don’t want to do it. Like I’m being forced…matter of fact it’s like that anti cigarette tv ad(cigarettes are bullies) you know it was a band and he kept taking smoke breaks because the mini guy was making him. It’s like that.


It just sounds like discipline… it aint easy for anyone.

Do you have any responsibilities. You can start by keeping your place clean. Takes 5 to 10 minutes even spread out over the day…

Keep your laundry all in one place and stuff like that.

You don’t want to rush into taking on a huge responsibility, especially with this illness.

You could also designate time in the evening or something to relax and just take your mind off of everything. Get back to worrying about the next morning. Or if you think of something that needs to be done take care of it.

Practice good hygiene… Get good sleep.

Start small you know. Just take on what responsibilities you can. It does become gratifying. Especially when you relax knowing everything is in order… at least for me.