Wind pushes my negative thoughts away

When weather is windy,
negative thoughts by sun, go away.

om sadasiva. maybe because the sun and the weather make you happy?


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It’s shocking that with all your meds your positive symptoms should remain so strong. Or is it that you’re trying to revolutionise weather science? :crazy_face:


No, sun makes me suicidal

I don’t know what is wrong with me.
I have voices. I use headphones

Reading any good books at the moment?

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I ordered the “paris commune” by Kropotkin,
“Dialectics in nature” by Engels,
“Utopian socialism and scientific socialism”
by Engels, and one about nations by Lenin

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In English? If you have a kindle you can download those for free.

In Greek. I dont like e books.
I prerer paper.
Did you read anything interesting lately?

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Yeah, some essays by Thomas de Quincey.

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I have already died.
Im in heavens

Mesahá is my
spiritual abode
Pure Land

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