Will you vote for Hilary in 2016?

True. Cooperation can lead to better outcomes. Being poor and on SSI, I should probably vote for the most liberal candidate as it would benefit me the most.

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Bernie pops, Hillary jumps, and I won’t vote for anybody, but elections are a great democratic circus :smile:

i’m making more than what ssdi allocates and my trial period ends this month. I work sales for a newspaper. i should probably vote with the paper in mind. i live in la, i’m guessing it is liberal paper given the diversity here. @astefano: who is the leading liberal candidate?

Not sure Sanders or Clinton. I think Clinton has a better chance of winning.

NO! NO! Nooooooooooooo…

I like what Bernie Sanders promises, but I highly doubt he’d be able to follow through. The corporations and wealthy lobbyists would leave him basically as a useless figurehead. I would vote for either him or Hillary, depending on who wins the primaries. I used to vote republican way back, but they have all become extremists nowadays. Also, since getting sick, I suddenly appreciate welfare programs in a way I was too ignorant to see before.

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I’m voting for Garfield. Seriously, who doesn’t like lasagna?



Yes, I will be voting for Hillary in '16. I already donated a few bucks to her internet campaigning.

There will not be another female qualified to run for president for many years to come, and having a female president would sure end much stigma 'round the world about feminine rights. It will be a high time in history for the word.

Yes I will because my parents said they want to move out of the country if Hilary wins…and i wanna move out of the country so I will be voting for her.

My sister said she’s moving out of the country if Trump wins, so I’ll go with her if he wins. Either way…Cya later America


I think I will vote for Hilary.

“The Donald” (owned 15 buildings)

Yes Hilary has my vote and I look forward to another 8 years of democratic presidency from her.

I’m not American, I’m Canadian. But if I were American I would vote for Hillary

Hillary “Scandal” Clinton? Seriously? Hillary Clinton?? WHO IN THEIR RIGHT MIND, oh wait … I’m sorry, nvm.

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