Will you reflect on the year 2013..?

its 2014 soon will you reflect on 2013>>>?

I always like to use the week before the new year to reflect. I try to reflect on what’s happened to me that year and what lessons I can take from those events.

Then I create a list of goals for the new year, using the life lessons as my guide.

New year is always a positive time for me, as it means I’m moving forward in life.




radmedtech, thanks for starting this post. I struggled a whole lot with my paranoid thoughts this year and now at the culmination of it all, I love life again. it is wonderful to feel this way. hoping it will last.



Very cool, a time to breathe and congratulate ones self for pulling through and staying positive.

I love also love the week before New Year. It’s pretty important to me. My family calls it my second birthday. It was December 30th that I tried to actively leave this life and almost made it. (5 years ago) When I look back on that, compared to how amazing, and positive, and stable life is now… I’m very thankful for making it through that and I very thankful for just being alive.

I hope the new year can hold some light, some healing and some happy times for all of us.

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Wow, J, that must’ve been a tough time for you. I’ve been there too. I’m very glad you made it. Thankfully, I was saved as well.

I like the concept of a second birthday very much. It celebrates life. Instead of memorializing near-death. Very profound for me.

I hope you can continue to be stable, positive, and love life! All year around.




Right back at you. I am glad you made it through as well. You have a lot of offer this world with your knowledge, compassion and the ability to get the info to people who need it.

It’s a very weird thing to say, but for me and my family a lot of very positive things came out of that dark event. I guess when you can’t go any lower eh?

I’ve been reading on the old forum and this one and it seems like a lot of psychotic breaks happen in winter. I know that winter is when Seattle has a suicide spike.

I think I will look back on 2013 as the year I went on disability…a major change in my life, and a good one I think.

2013…got off Geodon. My restless legs went away. I lost over 70 pounds and got on new medications. My mind is a little crazier and people say I’m more eccentric, but I got a lot done (a lot for me…not a regular guy) lol. I’m willing to be a little odder though to feel physically better and more creative. I’m feeling a little creative again in art.

Year ended well. I am taking one class next year and see what happens. I also didn’t get sent to mental ward for first time in 6 years (if I make it a few more weeks thst is lol) Better in ways…worse in ways but think I’m learning to deal. :slight_smile:

I was on Geodon for almost a week with no seroquel or latuda and I had a major crisis episode. I don’t know how I didn’t end up back in hospital, but I didn’t. I’m back on Seroquel/Latuda.

I’m glad you’re going to try a class and managed to avoid hospital. Keep up the hard work.

From your icon and some of your post, I’m guessing your into photography? Is that a class your looking in to?

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Yes I’m i to photography mostly, butI like getting into all kinds of art. I’m going to take a film history class and see how it goes. I’d like to eventually poke away at a bschelor’s degree in studio arts and film. I have an associate’s in Marketing but don’t really use it.